Francesca Battistelli returns with her fifth full-length release. Lead track and first single "The Breakup Song" kicks things off in style with finger snaps, doo wop backing vocals, and triumphant horns, proclaiming the lyrical sentiment that, "fear you will never be welcome here." Overall, this is a fantastic album sure to please fans old and new alike. The cohesion of the message of belonging, and the musical growth steps serve to keep Battistelli moving forward creatively, all but ensuring that this won't be the last we hear from her, and that's a good thing. Click the Image above for more info.
TobyMac is a prime example of an artist that can stay relevant through a long career in music. While all the usual ingredients for Toby's musical gumbo are in place (hip-hop, pop, soul, horns, and a mix of singing/casual rapping), there is also a healthy dose of variation. TobyMac has delivered another quality album. The catchy hooks, strong bass, and pounding drums make you want to play this music loud, and the emotion and musical variety make you want to listen on repeat. Toby's uncompromising faith in Jesus is a huge encouragement, and you'll notice this on his latest album, The Elements. More info by clicking the image above.