The Station Is Back, But We Need Your Help

Hello ministry partners,

A huge music royalty rate increase has occurred in 2016, so Lead Me To The Rock Radio was off the air in the past month.

We've been functioning under what is called a Small Webcasters Agreement for many years. Due to recent legal changes, there is no current provision for that agreement to continue into 2016 and beyond. Lead Me To The Rock Radio now has to abide by a performance based music contract under this new agreement, instead of the previous revenue and expense formula we've abided by for years, for all music played with the four U.S. based licensing agencies.

A five fold increase in royalties has occurred, so we need your help in many ways. One is to donate to keep the station on the web. Lead Me To The Rock Radio is under financial duress, even after being off the web the past month. The station is hoping to get by for a few months as we rally the troops, which means you, to help get an agreement that will keep stations like Lead Me To The Rock Radio functioning without financial stress.

We're about half way in regular donations at the moment to return to limited programming.

We're praying the Small Webcasters Agreement will come back in some form or another. The only way to do so is for you to contact your members of Congress to let them know of the circumstances. The changes in royalties came very quick at the end of 2015, with no time to honestly engage before the new rate increases went into effect. If you want more information on how to contact your federal legislators, send us a message via the contact page. We hope to have more information shortly on how you can help, as we get the site back in order after being off the web for the past month.

We've been funding the ministry out of our own pockets, for the most part, in the past years, with a few donations from faithful listeners and some generous donations and price breaks from service providers. If you chose to help us obtain the finances to continue with music programming, please donate through either of the two PayPal links here on the station homepage.

If the royalty structure changes in the future, we'll let you know of the success in your help in making changes within the federal government to do so.

Thank you so much for you support of the ministry. God has been good and it's been a wonderful ride for the past nine years of music programming on Lead Me To The Rock Radio. We're hoping for a Lazarus event for an agreement with the powers that be to create a royalty structure that will allow a long term solution to webcasters and music diversity on the Internet. Pray it will be so.

General Manager
Lead Me To The Rock Radio